A 9-Month Program To Rise And Root Your Life

This comprehensive course is from Mid February to Mid November 2021

Is there more to you than you are presently showing, and this is totally frustrating for you?

Do you have no clarity and need guidance?

Are you not able to fully express yourself, you feel invisible and ignored?

Do you feel stuck and disconnected from yourself and others?

Is each day filled with uncomfortable, troubling emotions and you don’t understand where they come from?

Are you fed up and want something different in your life?

We often fear that the transformation we need is much too great. Too much change is required on the inside and on the outside. And we are not up to it. But all that is required is that you step into the truth of your life and learn to listen to the guidance and support that is so desperately trying to get through to you. That you shine your light on your truth for the world to see. Then we are shifting ourselves. We are shifting the world, and dancing into a new orbit in life.

Rise and Root Your Life is an intensive program for women who will journey to their roots and rise to express their souls.

In it, you will shed what no longer serves you, plant the seeds of your own becoming, and manifest the life your soul wants you to live. All with the help of your own intuition and rooting into it by shedding what is not yours, from the inside out.

You are welcome just as you are. You will be held within the circle, whilst layer upon layer, we sink deeper into the roots of who we are, and who we are becoming. You will be so supported on this journey.

It’s time to return home!

In the course content:

  • Intuition Day on 6 February 2021
  • Moon Energy Online Course, 13 March – 3 April 2021
  • Emotional Detox in April 2021
  • Remember HER in Glastonbury, 14 – 16 May 2021
  • Unmute Your Soul, reclaim your unique voice, 20 – 21 June 2021
  • Cross the Veil Ancestor work, 29 October – 1 November 2021
  • PLUS a Bonus Wealth Workshop in September to work through your blocks with money
  • PLUS Live Calls with Ruth every month
  • You will be part of a community of like-minded women who you can work with

Your benefits will be:

  • access to your intuition and beyond for clarity in your life
  • the ability to use the cycle energy of the moon for your own benefit
  • freedom from emotional imbalance for more energy and joy
  • reconnection to your inner divine wisdom
  • self-expression that comes from your heart and soul
  • bringing into the world the woman you are truly meant to be
  • support from your ancestors and guides
  • letting go of what is hindering you from moving forward on a path of lightness and joy
  • a different approach to money
  • a wealth of other women who will be with you side-by-side all through the course

The course fee for this extraordinary transformation is only 3000€

Gift yourself this once in a lifetime opportunity!

About Ruth

As a coach and an author on the path of a female alchemist, Ruth continually returns to the soul truths of her ancient celtic roots, and connects with the magical gifts of nature and all that is beyond it. She supports women to ignite the spark of remembrance, to rise and root into their innate power, so that they can bring their own inner fire to the world.

Here’s what others are saying about working with me

“My life has completely changed since I started working with Ruth.”


“Ruth is the embodiment of ageless wisdom and power. Her crystal-clear vision can cut through all that is unnecessary, confusing, limiting to who is in her presence, as a client or participant or in her Circles. She has such Mastery and you get the feeling that she desires nothing else than pure exquisite truth and presence in life. She is deeply rooted in the earth and this permeates all her work. It is a privilege to be in her guidance.“

Alison Wong

“The work with Ruth is groundbreaking for me. Calm, soft, empathetic and yet clear, she accompanies me in all the things that show up inside me. A magical companion towards joy, freedom and self-love. Thanks, Ruth.”

Katrin Seidel

“A wonderful, sensitive, magical, wise alchemist, who offers every woman a protected space where she can meet her whole truth, learn to come to herself and to love herself, where she can find the way to freedom ♥️ and anyway, for me you are Mother Earth personally.“

Silke Müllers

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