Would you like to be a woman who stands in her full strength, lives her potential and can express what her soul has to say? I’ll show you how!

My name is Ruth. I’m Irish, and not just a coach and an author. I’m also deeply rooted in nature as an Alchemist. I know how to walk between the worlds. I bring to life practices combining ritual, energy, and insights gathered from my own journeying. I’ve had the privilege to work with thousands of women over the last 25 years, supporting those who are striving to feel good in their body, their life and their work, who are ready to move through change in their life, remembering and connecting again to their sacred nature and innate wisdom.

I myself have been through many changes. At the age of 21, I moved from Ireland to Germany. This was a huge transition for me because when I realized after some months that I wasn’t on holiday here anymore, I had to do my best to learn the language so that I knew what I was buying to eat and find work.

When I was almost finished studying, my mother passed very unexpectedly. This loss hit me very hard. I have grown up surrounded by males. So my mother was the one in the family I had clung to for female support. She never had the opportunity to see my own children. And as a mother, I didn’t have the support from her I would have loved to have. After the birth of my third son, yes I am still surrounded by male energy, I became ill. But it was a blessing in disguise, as I was hurled into the beginning of my spiritual path. I was guided to channel and I learned a lot about the universal laws, which are much different than our laws here on Earth. It was after this that I began working with a few doctors, who would recommend their patients to me when they thought I could help them.

Years later my three children all left home quickly one after the other, which hurled me into two years of questioning my life. What did I want to do? Where did I want to be? Who did I want to be with? I wrote a book about it after I interviewed many other parents going through the same stage in their life. And a couple of years ago my life was turned upside down by the sudden death of my beloved husband, offering me a huge chance to consider how I now can make the very best of my life.

I know what it’s like to look at the shadows that arise when you go through immense personal growth to come out shining. I’ve had the privilege to find the answers and learn the tools with many mentors who have supported me. People like Brandon Bays and Ariane Schürmann, with whom I’ve been privileged to work as well.

I am dedicated to the movement of the awakening and the rising of the feminine. I live the truth of my soul and support other women in connecting to theirs. This includes living my potential, allowing myself to have exquisite pleasure, being guided by my innate female intuition, realizing my full self-worth, expressing my soul, and standing in my power. This is what I want for you as well! Because it will make a much better world for us all.

Drawing from over 20 years as a coach, I know that dis-ease and our deep emotions are an invitation to deeper inquiry and remembering who we really are. When we find the courage to look closely and embody our female divinity, we become abundantly available to our meaning in life, to joy and we come home to our highest purpose.

Are you fed up being fed up? Or stuck? I would love to support you in your transformation. You came to this world to be in your greatness. It’s time to rise and root into the woman you truly are. By intuition, you already know that life can be so much more than you now experience, that there is a deeper level of feeling good in your own skin and participating in the flow of life.

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What others say about my work

Ruth is the embodiment of ageless wisdom and power. Her crystal-clear vision can cut through all that is unnecessary, confusing, limiting to who is in her presence, as a client or participant or in her Circles. She has such Mastery and you get the feeling that she desires nothing else than pure exquisite truth and presence in life. She is deeply rooted in the earth and this permeates all her work. It is a privilege to be in her guidance.

I’ve known Ruth for over 10 years.
To me, she represents the strength of deep feminine wisdom. She enfolds women with the finest antennae of love, attentiveness and clarity. I can let myself fall unconditionally into her arms and open my whole soul. I know with Ruth that everything will be fine.

A wonderful, sensitive, magical, wise alchemist, who offers every woman a protected space where she can meet her whole truth, learn to come to herself and to love herself, where she can find the way to freedom ♥️ and anyway, for me you are Mother Earth personally.

The work with Ruth is groundbreaking for me. Calm, soft, empathetic and yet clear, she accompanies me in all the things that show up inside me. A magical companion towards joy, freedom and self-love. Thanks, Ruth.”

A wise woman who loves to make a racket and light her fire, who can laugh mischievously and cheerfully about life and has a foundation and an anchor that is firmly anchored in the ground.

Ruth embraces the women in the world with her goodness, verity, honesty and profound wisdom.

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