20. FEB + 21. MARCH + 20. APRIL

at 3pm Berlin / 2pm London time

Are you sick of being sick?

Do you want to have a better life-quality?

Are you dissatisfied with the medical system and would like some holistic support to complement it?


  • is a monthly women’s circle for women searching for a safe space to connect in a like-minded community and be social from your own home.
  • is for women struggling with health issues, also life-threatening and life-changing challenges, to relax, let go, connect with yourself, and receive support and inspiration on holistic transformation.

Each month we will

  • meditate to expand our awareness and activate our healing potential,
  • come into alignment with ourselves,
  • and receive helpful questions and answers for self-realization to support us on our journey.

All are welcome, no meditation experience is necessary!

Each gathering is 60 – 90 minutes and is free of charge.

All you are asked to do is to sign up below, so that we can send you a friendly reminder.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


if you have a girlfriend who would also benefit from this amazing gathering, invite her along!