Remember HER

in Glastonbury, England, 14th – 16th May 2021

This very special retreat takes place as a journey into the heart of the sacred feminine in a lush land with ritual and tradition. A place where the lineage of the Priestess is alive and well. Where your spiritual wisdom is valued and honored Where you will be invited to dive into your primal femininity. And reclaim the power you hold deep inside.

This is a remembering of the divine being you are!

Glastonbury is a mystical, magical place, steeped in mystery, legend, and history. Being there is such a gift because the land is a natural accelerator.

This is a collective remembering experience that takes “being a woman” back to long-forgotten places, to remember HER, the woman you truly are with your primal femininity.

This is an invitation to step into your full power, to weave your way back into expansive timelines, and bring it all back into the beautiful new world we wish to live in so that we bring balance to our everyday existence here on Mother Earth.

We will

  • dive into the essence of our divine primal femininity,
  • connect with the land,
  • visit the sacred places,
  • honor femininity and what SHE wants for us.

The retreat is a two day and one evening experience that will empower you, nourish your heart, and bring you home to the woman you truly are… all within the sacred container of Sisterhood.

It’s time!

Are you ready to be activated and feel the flow of your primal femininity pulsating through your blood?

Are you ready for your magnificence to shine?

You are welcome to join us for only 500€

(Board & accommodation not included)

A list of recommended places to stay and travel support will be sent to you after registration.

This course is part of the Rise And Root Your Life program and can be taken separately.

Here’s what others are saying about working with me

“Ruth is the embodiment of ageless wisdom and power. Her crystal-clear vision can cut through all that is unnecessary, confusing, limiting to who is in her presence, as a client or participant or in her Circles. She has such Mastery and you get the feeling that she desires nothing else than pure exquisite truth and presence in life. She is deeply rooted in the earth and this permeates all her work. It is a privilege to be in her guidance.“

Alison Wong

“The work with Ruth is groundbreaking for me. Calm, soft, empathetic and yet clear, she accompanies me in all the things that show up inside me. A magical companion towards joy, freedom and self-love. Thanks, Ruth.”

Katrin Seidel

“A wonderful, sensitive, magical, wise alchemist, who offers every woman a protected space where she can meet her whole truth, learn to come to herself and to love herself, where she can find the way to freedom ♥️ and anyway, for me you are Mother Earth personally.“

Silke Müllers