Woman Rise and Shine

A Guide for Women who want to be Themselves

“In her book Women Rise and Shine, Ruth shares her own journey of coming to a place of healing, wholeness and forgiveness. She offers straightforward advice and simple exercises to encourage you to reconnect with the truth inside, with your inherent feminine power, compassion and inspiration.”

Brandon Bays, Internationally Best-selling Author of The Journey and Freedom Is

This book helps you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and step into the woman you are.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with the only voice that matters… YOURS!

The true nature of women is the innate energy of creativity, genius and love of the divine female, which connects all of life. The world in which we are competing for survival and for the rights of women is giving way to one in which interconnectedness and compassion for each other is important.

Be a part of it!

This book contains ways to transform into the woman you are supposed to be. It contains

  • the knowledge that we don’t need anything special, nor does anything big have to take place to be yourself,

  • many easy transforming exercises,

  • advice for better self-care and a healthier life,

  • information about the importance of community,

  • encouragement to shine as the woman you are,

  • beautiful practices to continue.

What others are saying:

This book re-affirms and guides us to a path back to our female nature in all its purity, power and beauty. It’s easy to forget and this book really helped me to re-connect.”

Bettina Hallifax, Conscious Coach

“Page after page is filled with Love as Ruth guides us to discover the religion of Love any woman naturally connects to. With this book she encourages all women to ride the wave of female liberation sweeping the planet and get their surfboards ready to even enjoy the ride – arm in arm with men as they rise and shine into a more natural world. An easy and inspiring read, to come back to time and time again!”

Ariane Schürmann – Author, seminarleader and founder of Donna Divina International

It all starts with you – this is probably one of the reasons why you have this book now in front of you. A call for substantial, healthy change, written from the heart and from personal experience – a path of self-discovery and growth – to become and to be THE WOMAN, who you really are.
Ruth invites you to come along and feel into being a woman. She encourages you to rise and shine as your true self in this new female paradigm. She offers help on letting go what belongs to the past and to fully embrace what is in the here and now.
Join us and be the change in this world, for yourself, and for other women: rise and shine!”

Iris Patricia Furer, INSIDEOUT Coaching Furer, Rotterdam/Netherlands

This is one of the best books I’ve read. I am deeply moved.”

Lisa Ferguson-Saboth, Animal therapist and Horsetrainer

“I have so enjoyed reading your wisdom and found it particularly relates to me being a woman about to hit 50. Your words resonate so much with me as if you are speaking directly to me. Highlighting the words that spoke to me would bring a rainbow of colour to the book, as there is just so much of what you have written that I wanted to highlight in bright vivid colour!”

Fiona Davitt

“This book emanates a confident woman, whose life’s experiences have taken her to the edge and beyond and her courage has given her the power to move through its challenges and come out the other side glistening. She has listened well to all her teachers and she has understood the truth.

Each chapter gives the reader a glimpse into her life, making it personal, and in that share, the subject matter is easier to hear.”

Valerie Hayes, TAWA

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The Companion Workbook to Woman Rise and Shine

If you have a strong desire to reconnect with all aspects of yourself, have a deeper relationship with your own special abilities and step into the woman you truly are, then this workbook is what you’re looking for.

In this book, you will be gently supported and guided in your own journey to reconnecting with the truth inside of you. In working through it, along with the book Woman Rise and Shine, you will discover what is holding you back from taking back your own power. There are many transforming exercises for you to do and beautiful practices to continue with. You will be invited to investigate what you really want and how you can get there.

Available as a paperback here.