True Nourishment for your Soul

Imagine accessing the deepest kind of soul-level wisdom directly from Spirit in a simple way for guidance, direction, & information.

Imagine the insights you will gain!

Together we’ll connect with your Sacred Soul to listen to the whispers of your soul you may not have been hearing. This takes place with automatic writing.

You will:

  • be deeply touched by the truths revealed about your life
  • gain a deeper understanding and perspective on your questions
  • remember the innate beauty and uniqueness you have
  • reconnect with the core essence of yourself and your soul’s purpose
  • discover revealing realizations and insight on old patterns, beliefs, and blockages
  • receive a symbol presently aligned with your soul
  • be able to move forward with clarity and confidence so that you can courageously make quantum leaps in your life

These are deep consultations for those committed to heal, integrate the past and take their power back.This is the perfect complement to any healing work you may be already doing!

It would be my utmost pleasure to connect with you on this level!

Send me an Email to the address below, letting me know you would like to have a reading. I’ll get back to you asap. Upon scheduling an appointment, you’ll receive a complete guide on what questions you can ask, which can help you create questions in advance for our session. There is no need to be scared of any answers you may receive. You will only be given information for your highest and your best!

Soul Reading

30 min | 111€

Sessions are available online, on phone, or in person.

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with ‘Soul Reading’ in the headline.

What people are saying

“Since the reading I’ve felt the confidence to really move forward…

My reading with Ruth was so affirming. The information she received and relayed to me corresponded with messages I’ve been receiving over the past few months. It felt wonderful to learn that I only need to trust myself. Sometimes you just need someone else with intense insight and clarity to validate ideas and messages. I did learn new information and found clarity around a lot of issues I had.

Information that came through also completely affirmed a life path I’ve been interested in pursuing, and since the reading I’ve felt the confidence to really move forward. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the reading, but I’m already certain I’ll have another reading in the future.

~ Stevie

“My reading was profound and touched my soul in just the right way…

“My reading was profound and touched my soul in just the right way for my transformation. Ruth’s intuitive nature helped me feel more confident in my own intuition and inner wisdom!”

~ Jill

“My reading was wonder-ful…

“The reading with you has undone a huge knot in me. I would not have been able to do that with all the other tools and souls I work with.”

~ Andrea

Ready to dive in?

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with ‘Soul Reading’ in the headline.