Speak Up! is for women who have difficulty in expressing themselves and speaking from their truth.

The voices of many women have been suppressed in diverse ways. We have been conditioned to be silent. This has had consequences in many areas of our lives – in our relationships, in our career, expressing our needs, defending and showing up for ourselves.

An authentic woman knows herself and is inwardly and outwardly in harmony with her own truth. This includes her self-expression.

We desperately need more gentle, compassionate women to step up and express themselves.

In this course you will get to the root of your blocks, release your authentic feminine voice, and be able to speak up and find your voice.

If you are a woman who wants to express herself better in all her greatness, who no longer wants to keep herself small and invisible, this is exactly the right course for you.

  • Do you realize that you often can’t express yourself, but would rather hide yourself?
  • Have you heard from anyone else that you have to be quiet?
  • Do you hold back your voice in your job and your relationships?
  • Do you have a deep longing to be able to express yourself more powerfully in all your truth?
  • Do you suspect that more strength and assertiveness slumbers inside the woman you are?
  • Would you like to be more connected to your feminine truth in your daily life?

The voices of women have been suppressed. We had to keep silent. It results in keeping us from writing, blogging, expressing our opinions, defending ourselves, getting ahead in our careers, or addressing controversial issues. In partnership, women are afraid to say how they really feel because they are afraid of being blamed.

I, Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen, a female alchemist, author and workshop facilitator, have gone through all the processes in this course and I found my voice, which I now passionately want to use for other women. I have attended many seminars and experienced 12 years of intensive women’s work, with the result that I have been immersed in my wisdom and femininity.

In my work I experience that many women hold themselves back and hide. They want more from life, but they cannot see exactly what is missing, what is holding them back from using their voice. And the problems slumber until the healing solution comes.

I have developed this course to help women get to the root cause of their blocks and speak from their heart, so that they can express themselves with ease, self-confidence, strength and joy and have the opportunity to get where they want to go in life.

In this Homestudy course you will go into depth.

Through six audio modules, tasks and rituals you will identify your patterns and free your voice from ancient social, cultural and family conditioning.

  • You will take a look at your inner critic, the games you are playing and the patterns and stories that are holding you  back from speaking up. And you will free yourself from them.
  • With energetically clarifying techniques you gently and safely say goodbye to your fear and your comfort zones. You learn to use your voice to create space in your life to make new experiences.
  • Your conditioning will fall away from you. You will be free to think and act differently.
  • You will learn techniques that will allow you to continue to let go in your life of what no longer serves you.

As a result you will no longer make yourself small!

Your fear of prejudice, criticism, or “being wrong” will disappear.

You will have more confidence in speaking up and expressing your inner truth.

The content of the course:

The nice girl. Here you will get to know your “nice girl” pattern, what it has cost you in life, and let it go.

The inner critic. In this module we look at everything your inner voice is telling you every day, and do energetic work to make it stop.

Conditioning. Here we explore our personal conditioning on a deep level. We dissolve family, professional, socia, religiousl and gender conditioning to be free to use our authentic female voice.

Fear. We will deconstruct the fear that comes up when we use our voice, whether in relationships, at work or on stage.

Comfort zones. Our comfort zones are invisible. They can be created by certain situations in the past. We take a look at them and dissolve them in this module.

Speak your truth. In this module we will look at how you can learn to speak your own truth. We also do a powerful, transformative process to release your voice from old blockages.

You are much needed in this world, where many women still keep themselves small and quiet, scared of the consequences of using the power of their voice.

Your transformation costs only 99€!

Where will you be in 6 months or in a year when you free your voice?

Where will you be if you don’t?

Click below to find your voice!