The Rise & Root Program

Rise & Root is a premium Coaching Program

for women who want to experience inner growth and have strong roots to support powerful transformation.

What can Rise & Root do for you?

It will

– clear out old emotional and physical issues

– examine all the places where you are holding yourself back

– clear out unknown ancient beliefs you are holding

– clear out negative behavioural and ego patterns

– examine problems in your private and work relationships

– connect you with your essence

– polish up your self-worth

– help you overcome your fear

– clean up money issues

– connect you deeper with your intuition

– help you reclaim your authentic female voice

– help you to tap deeper into your personal power

– give you inner peace

– help you with womb issues  – menstruation, menopause, etc.

– help you to stop your excuses

and start live an authentic, heart-based, courageous life today as the sacred female being you are.

Because you are so treasured by the universe.

Your soul matters.

Your voice matters.

Your gifts to the world matter.

YOU matter!

Deep down, we all know we are whole and complete.

SHE knows it, but our gold sometimes needs a good polish.

Rise & Root will do the magical cleaning that leaves you shining and free.

You will get:

8 powerful, specially tailored coaching sessions within three months with me. I am an experienced Donna Divina Alchemist, who has coached thousands of women in 22 years of work, using powerful, transformational tools.

There will be support all along the way.

I’m stretching my hand out to you!


Meditations to keep and practice:

A womb meditation to cleanse your womb, the seat of your creativity.

A Honey Pot meditation – a journey of deep intimacy to discover your iner temple and awaken you to your full courage and purpose.

Meet your wise Woman meditation to guide you deeper into your intuition and gain insights for yourself.

Two exclusive channeling sessions to have your deepest questions answered.

I have been working as a channel for 25 years and we will go into higher levels of consciousness to see exactly what you need to work on and what your next steps are.

This is what the program contains

In the Rise & Root program you will have the following deeply powerful sessions:

1. Channeling.

Find your truth in the high levels of consciousness, finding out where you stand, what’s holding you back, and what needs worked on. I use automatic writing for this, where my hand is guided to write what we need to know. This sets what we will work on. Sessions 2 – 7 are possible, or it will be tailor-made to suit your own needs.

2. Emotional Liberation.

You will let go of what you no longer need and dive into your personal essence. I use a method I have been trained to work in and have 15 years experience.

3. Beliefs, patterns and ego.

This session is individually tailored to your own needs and it will liberate you from many things that have been holding you back.

4. Self-worth.

We are going to tap into a foundation of feminine wisdom and you will listen and feel into your body to enable you to let go of any issues of self-worth in an alchemist session.

5. Womb and body issues.

In this session we will take a look at female issues, such as the stage of life you are in – menopause, menstruation, also abuse or pregnancy. You will work with powerful, deep meditations to explore your spiritual architecture as a woman and to encounter your inner temple and discover the hidden force within you, to awaken you to your full courage and potential.

6. Reclaim your authentic female voice.

We will clear out what holds you back in speaking up in your relationships and in your work. This will make you more visible and give you confidence.

7. Personal power.

Here we will be connecting deep with your intuition and listening to what your inner wise woman is telling you. You will receive a mediation so that you can find out what hidden potential you are hiding.

8. Channeling.

We will again dive into the higher levels of consciousness, gaining clarity about your next steps. This is work with grace and gratitude. You will be able to use this wisdom to steer your life in the direction of your highest truth.

During the course you also have the oportunity to book extra channelings with me.

YOU matter.

SHE matters.

And SHE knows that it’s time to change!

What sets me apart from other coaches is my channeling, the compassion I have for all living beings, my willingness to surrender into your process and the trust I have that you will know what is the very best for you, at exactly the right time in the right place.

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Start today with me to

– shine in your own unique expression

– embrace yourself fully

– reclaim your female voice

– tap into your intuitive knowing

– own your magnetic radiance

– awaken to your soul purpose

– finally be whole, complete and free

The world needs YOU now!

My offer for you, worth 200€, but completely free

This is a limited offer,

as I only work closely with a few women at a time, so that they receive all my attention and get the best and highest possible out of my coaching.

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Let’s do this together!



I thought that in order to be happy, I needed to be a different person. But what I’ve learned from Ruth is that I DON’T need to be a polished version of myself. I just need to be myself!”

Jill, Ireland

“Just hearing your voice Ruth brings me right back to myself!”

Andrea, Hamburg

“Thank you for the wonderful coaching. I feel that I’ve let go of really old issues that have been causing me to feel bad about myself for years and years.”

Marie, Lübeck

“I’m so grateful for your work! I feel so exuberant after being with you and my issue has disappeared almost overnight. Yippee!”

Susi, Kiel

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