Moonshot Magic

the extraordinary alchemistical process

The Moon is a gravitational body, just like the Earth. The tides of the ocean (ebb and flow) are created by the position of the Moon. Our bodies are to 70% made out of the same water molecules, so it’s easy to understand how we too are influenced by the gravitational forces of the Moon.

The cycle of the moon has the same 28 days as a woman’s menstruational cycle. It is said that in communities where there is no artificial light, the women’s menstruational cycles align with the Moon’s cycle. More babies are born when the moon is full. If you’re like me, you feel energised at this time and don’t need so much sleep.

The Full Moon is a time of high energy and potent power. On a deeper level it activates us to merge with our full potential.

In the phase of the New Moon, we enter the energy of creation. It is the perfect time to plant a seed, set our intentions and make a wish out to the Universe.

Use the energy of the full moon or the new moon when it’s at its highest to be accompanied in a powerful alchemistic process by me to
– clear out and let go of whatever is not aligned with you any more
– dive into deep feminine themes
– let go of hurt, unhealthy patterns and ego issues
– find out what’s holding you back
– rekindle your soul
– cut through chaos
– deepen in your essence
– open yourself to new possibilities
– find peace and pleasure in everyday living
– seize an empowered life full of miracles

We will have a chat first to establish if we are a good match and to clarify your wish, before proceeding with the alchemy work. You can make an appointment using the button below.

When we shift, the world shifts with us!