Moon Energy Online Course 13th March – 3rd April 2021

A four-week adventure through the moon phases to align your life

Moon Energy is a beautiful, primal feminine practice.

The Moon has always been mysterious. She may seem far away when you gaze at night, but you may be surprised to learn that the Moon can have an incredibly powerful impact on your day-to-day life.

Did you know that the Moon is associated with emotions, feelings, intuitiveness, and a lot more too?

Women are cyclical beings. Being in tune with the Moon, understanding her phases and the flow of lunar energy, is the key to unlocking a fantastically simple cosmic timer to create the best work and the life of your dreams.

But do you know how to go from gazing dreamily at the Moon to tuning in to her extraordinary power?

Her cycles help ignite the feminine energies that have been within you all along — intuition, receptivity, and rebirth — realigning you with the evolutionary energies of the greater Universe. Working with these natural forces through time-proven practices and rituals, you can set clear intentions and successfully manifest your soul’s calling with more ease and grace.

This is what you’ll learn in Moon Energy.

Over a period of four weeks, starting with the New Moon on 13th March, and finishing with the waning Moon on 3rd April, you will be shown how to enhance your connection with the Moon and align to her rhythms, so that you can work with the magical lunar energy.

The phase of the New Moon will invite you into a space of silence and receptivity where your deepest intentions can germinate.

Under the Full Moon, you’ll be called into the depth of your feelings and a heightened awareness that can help you focus on what brings you great joy, and how to beautify and embellish your intentions, making them magnetically attractive and easier to manifest.

During the 28-day Moon Energy journey, you’ll receive teachings, rituals, and guided practices to help guide you in receiving, embracing, and applying moon wisdom. As you work with the powerful phases of the moon, you’ll set intentions — and uncover beliefs and behavioral patterns that may be blocking you from bringing your deepest desires to fruition.

We all have the potential to work with the Moon and manifest the life we dream of. You don’t need to have any expensive equipment or spiritual abilities. The Moon is free and forever; you can simply sit quietly in a garden or park under the Moon, close your eyes, and connect with her.

The Moon is your guide and she’s waiting to talk to you—and you never know where she’s going to lead you!

Are you ready to find out?

The course fee is only 395€

This course is part of the Rise And Root Your Life program and can be taken separately.

Here’s what others are saying about working with me

“Ruth is the embodiment of ageless wisdom and power. Her crystal-clear vision can cut through all that is unnecessary, confusing, limiting to who is in her presence, as a client or participant or in her Circles. She has such Mastery and you get the feeling that she desires nothing else than pure exquisite truth and presence in life. She is deeply rooted in the earth and this permeates all her work. It is a privilege to be in her guidance.“

Alison Wong

“The work with Ruth is groundbreaking for me. Calm, soft, empathetic and yet clear, she accompanies me in all the things that show up inside me. A magical companion towards joy, freedom and self-love. Thanks, Ruth.”

Katrin Seidel

“A wonderful, sensitive, magical, wise alchemist, who offers every woman a protected space where she can meet her whole truth, learn to come to herself and to love herself, where she can find the way to freedom ♥️ and anyway, for me you are Mother Earth personally.“

Silke Müllers

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