This is a hot invitation for you …

Because many women are unhappy and overwhelmed in life, in their relationships, in their family, with their career, their finances and their health, and they are completely cut off from their femininity.

For thousands of years the female power has been imprisoned, oppressed, abused, raped and devalued.

In a patriarchal world, female values such as intuition, love, understanding, compassion and gentleness have been rejected or suppressed.

But times are changing, we now have access to the time, the tools and the freedom to rise up as divinely brilliant women. Female alchemy is new consciousness.

The list of women’s problems is long – did you know that?

You doubt, can’t decide and seem to be stuck in an infinitely repeating loop of lack, broken partnerships, non-functioning projects, mental and physical pain and inner unfulfilledness, no matter how great your life looks from the outside and how successful you actually are? You feel overwhelmed by the thousand things that have to be done every day and don’t know how to reconcile them all. In your partnership you find no fulfillment, it almost feels like you are living on different planets and there is little cooperation at work. You feel like you have to fight alone and the competition tires you out!

The bitter disappointments of life and broken heart are very painful and the state of femininity is unfortunately still confused, because this world is not made for women, this is simply a fact and not feminism. Above all, emotional pain lasts long and is often the cause of physical pain and disease. After emotional injuries, most women find it difficult to open their hearts to life and love.

Every third woman is therefore described as “disoriented”. This is not apparent to them, they often appear as successful, strong, conscious women who are standing in the middle of life. But deep down it looks different … they doubt, are confused and simply do not allow true aliveness for fear of yet another injury. They suffer from not being able to feel real love and devotion anymore, but the fear of renewed hurt is greater.

We CAN change this!


with Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen, coach, transformational alchemist and Donna Divina.

22nd & 23rd August in Glastonbury

The first ever Donna Divina retreat in the english-speaking world is for women who

  • want to be free in this life
  • are curious about the female way of living
  • want to feel female energy in their body as bubbles of joy
  • have a feeling that something is missing, yet can’t put their finger on it
  • are an old soul
  • feel the pain of others, as well as their own
  • feel their purpose in life, but can’t live it
  • often feel that overrun (by external circumstances, people, situations, world events, etc.)

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