Stop the feeling of being lost or stuck!


Sept. 10-12

3 pm CET

Rise up, claim your purpose and express yourself confidently for the success you deserve!

DAY 1 SATURDAY SEPT 10: Unlock your Purpose. Learn how to find direction in your life again.

DAY 2 SUNDAY SEPT 11: Embody your power. Discover how you can take back the pieces of yourself you have left along the way in your life.

DAY 3 MONDAY SEPT 12: Free your voice. Get crystal clear on how you have been keeping yourself small and holding yourself back.

Here’s what women are saying about this sacred retreat:

“I loved being gently guided into the depth of my being. It gave me insights into my next step, I am so grateful for that!” Doris N.

“I loved listening to your compassionate heart. I’m saying a big YES to my spiritual calling. Thank you so much!” Patricia K.

“I felt held and completely understood, now I feel connected, rooted in peace. I’m ready to confidently integrate what I know into creating the next chapter in my life. Much love for all you do!” Frida S.

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen is Irish, a coach, an author, a trained alchemist, and the founder of the Intuitive Feminine Leadership Academy. She knows how to walk between the worlds, bringing to life practices combining rituals, tools, and insights gathered from her own journey. She has had the privilege to work with thousands of women over the last 27 years, supporting those who are striving to feel good in their body, their life and their work, who are ready to move through change in their life, remembering and connecting again to their sacred purpose and innate wisdom.